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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 05:34:02 -0700 (PDT) From: Randy Howard Subject: The Reluctant Witness/ Incest/ Chapter ThreeThe Reluctant WitnessByRandy HowardChapter ThreeThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son, one teen and another teen. Initial sex is consensual. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading. Also if you are under eighteen or if this is illegal for where you live, then leave now, if not read on.Previously in chapter two:Outside the Hank's truck, Dan 16 year nude picks the door's lock, finally succeeding at opening the door. He looks around again pussy 17 years several times, before he climbs into the truck, locking the door behind him. Hiding in the sleeper unit, Dan waited for the two to return, planning out just how he porn 16 years free was to eliminate them."Damn it Evan, that was the hottest sex that I have ever had in a shower," Josh said, as the three walked out of the locker room."That was my 12 years girls pics first time with a three 14 years girlssex way Josh, but I hope that it's not my last," Evan said."I think we created a sex demon Josh," Hank said as the three stopped at Hank's rig. "I'll see you later 14 year teens xxx Josh, just be careful out there," Hank said, shaking the young man's hand."Yeah Josh, have a safe one," Evan added, giving a quick look around before kissing the hot trucker."Fuck man, I just hope that I run into you two again," a blushing Josh said before heading off to his own rig.Hank unlocked the driver's side door and helped Evan up into the cab, Evan froze with fear when a gun was pointed at pussy 12 year old his head."Nice to see ya again Evan," Dan said.Now chapter three:Jamie couldn't sleep; his dreams were of Evan, and his being killed by Dan. Jamie woke up screaming, sitting up in the middle of his bed, the sweat 10 years kdz pic was pouring off his forehead like he had been standing in the rain."Son what is it...you've had a bad dream," his father said, turning on the bedroom light as he rushed into the room."It was Evan dad, Dan had found him pussy 14 year picture and was killing him," Jamie said, clinging to his father who was 16-year-old fuck holding him tight."It was just a nightmare son, now lie back and go to sleep," he said to his son."Will you sleep with me dad...please?" Jamie begged, looking up at his dad, his eyes begging.James Wilson stood there momentarily and gave Jamie's request some thought. They were the only ones left in the house, his wife and her parents had gone off on a mini trip to Montreal overnight, leaving the two of them there for some father and son time alone."I guess so son, seeing how we are alone in the house," James said and walked over to the light switch.Jamie looked at his 15years old girls porns dad; he took in with his eyes, his fine masculine form. His dad had kept up his body over the years, and his body showed his efforts. His tight, round ass, covered in the white cotton boxer briefs, accented his muscles completely. He turned towards Jamie just before he closed the light, showing off his blond hair covered pectoral muscles with his hard nipples standing firmly out of the hair. He had a well defined six pack and a pleasure trail that ran down into the waist band of his briefs, Jamie was hard just looking at his dad. For years, like his friend Evan, he had fantasized about his father and what it would be like non nude 12 year 16 years old fucking to have him make love to him, now he wondered if 12 years old upskirts this 14 year old sexpics could be the night. He looked at the cotton covered pouch that hid his father's cock, and he swore that it was bulging beyond endurance.James turned out the lights, walked back to the bed, got in and spooned his son to him."Oh my God, dad's cock is hard," Jamie thought, wiggling his ass back against it."Sorry about that son, it'll go away soon enough," James said, pushing forward a bit into Jamie's crack."I don't mind dad, I'm hard to, here fell," Jamie said, taking James' hand and putting it on his cock.James squeezed Jamie's cock through his cotton briefs, causing Jamie to moan in delight."Do you like that son... do you like someone playing with sexy 12 years your manhood?" James whispered."Yes dad, especially you," Jamie said and turned in his dad's arms.Although the lights were out, the moon's light dimly lit the room, James and Jamie stared into each other's eyes briefly."Do you know how much I love you son?" James asked, brushing back his son's hair from his face."I've always known dad," Jamie said, and then lean in and kissed his dad ever so softly on the lips.James pulled his son to him, pressed his mouth to Jamie's mouth, and slipped his tongue inside Jamie's mouth. Their tongues danced together, as they kissed love's forbidden kiss, father and son crossing a line that they should never cross. Caught up in their love, Jamie pulled his father on top of him, running his 17 years fuck porn hands under the waist band cuties 14 years of his underwear. He gave his father's ass several passionate squeezes, as the two of them kissed heatedly. James broke their kiss, sat up and then placing his fingers under Jamie's waistband, pulled his underwear down and off."What is it that you want son?""I want you to baby 15 years xxx make love to me dad. Make love 14 year old kids to me like you do to mom." Jamie told his father.James got up; left the room and soon returned carrying girls 14 years putas a bottle of KY jell, and then removed his briefs before getting back into bed."Are you a virgin son?" he asked, looking down at Jamie."Ah...no dad, Evan and I have done it a few times," he embarrassingly said."Don't be embarrassed son, I did it with my best friend when I was your age also," James admitted.James raised his son's legs unto his shoulders to make it easier for him to enter Jamie. James took the lube that he had brought, and after lubing Jamie up; he applied more to his own cock. James put his cock at the entrance to Jamie's rosebud and pushed. Jamie's ass opened up and James slowly slid his cock all the way into him. They were joined together as one, as James's hard cock rested deep inside Jamie's ass... fully."Damn 14 teen year naked it hurts dad, please wait." Jamie breathed deep. "God I love your cock in me but you are much bigger than Evan," Jamie told him free sex 12 year once he got use to James's invasion.Jamie knew that his daddy loved him and this act was just proof of that love, and it was 13 years girl nude a realization of Jamie's fantasy. James's cock was deep inside his son and he loved the feeling, the warmth and tightness of the boy's ass. Jamie held James close, kissing him passionately, as James moved his cock slowly in and out of Jamie's ass. Once Jamie was meeting his thrusts with his own, James increased his rhythm until they were moving as one.Jamie's eyes rolled back into his head. "Fuck me daddy." porno 14 year Jamie gasped with ecstasy as James fucked his ass a few more times slowly, before he increased the tempo.Jamie's right hand moved caressingly over James's back and down to his round hard ass. His left hand began to stroke his own cock, to the rhythm of their lovemaking."Oh yes sexy 12 year daddy," Jamie crowed, "Fuck me, and make me cum." Jamie said as his hand feverishly stroked his cock to their rhythm.Jamie's lustful pleas excited James even more. He slammed his son's ass, faster and harder, as he increased his rhythm bringing Jamie closer to his climax. 13 year teen porno He rode his ass like a jackhammer, only to slow down and let their edge fall back. After nearly thirty minutes of slow and fast fucking, the lovers no longer could hold back their climax."Ooooo fuck...I'm going to cum daddy." Jamie screamed as his sperm moved quickly up from his balls, his ass preeteens list 13 year tightening around James's ridged manhood."Ride my cock Jamie... fuck yeah just like that." James yelled in euphoric bliss as he pounded his son's ass furiously and with determination. "I'm cumming," he screamed as his rhythm took over and drove his passion on.Both them shot their sperm; James deep inside little year sex Jamie and 13 years porn galeries Jamie all over him and his dad."Oh yeah sweetheart... more, I need more," Jamie begged as he thrusts his ass up zealously, meeting every thrust he got with a thrust 13 year young fucked upward.Jamie was deeper in love and he needed his father's love seeds inside him. James thrusts his cock deep into his son and he couldn't believe how teen 13 year nude great his ass felt. It was all that James had imagined it to be and more. As the tide of their lovemaking subsided, he gently bit Jamie's neck."Mmmmm yeah daddy," Jamie purred as James assaulted his neck and 14-years-old sex left his mark.James stopped his movement, but kept his cock deep inside, savoring the warmth of Jamie's ass. They laid there and didn't say a word until their breathing became normal. James slowly removed his softened cock from Jamie's ass, rolled off him and laid beside him, spooning him to him."I love you so much Jamie and I can't believe that this has finally happened for us. It did really happen right?" James asked."I find it hard to believe also daddy, but yes, it really did happen." Contented but exhausted, the two finally drifted off to sleep.***Evan could hear 14 years teen fotos the cocking tits 14 years old of the gun, as Dan readied it to shoot. Paralyzed with fear, he wet himself, telling Hank that something had scared Evan.Hank grabbed the boy, pulling him sexy teens 16 years from the cab and then slamming the door shut. Dan's gun goes off; shattering the window; Hank and Evan ran towards the diner."Run Evan and don't look back," Hank yells, running right on the 14 years old teenie heels of the boy.Dan exited the cab, in his haste; he fell to the pavement, momentarily knocking the gun from his hand. He quickly got up, retrieved his gun and aimed at the two running figures.BAM! BAM! Two guns shots went off successively.Truckers and pedestrians that were either entering or leaving the diner dove to the porno 16 years old pavement in fear. A lone fucked at 14 years figure stood out, his gun aimed and still smoking, as the sound of sirens filled the air...Josh. Dan's body lay still, his gun a few feet from the hand that once held it and Hank turned to see Josh standing over the detective.Hank grabbed Evan and together, they ran back to where Josh was standing. Dan had a two bullet holes, one in his left shoulder and the other in his upper left chest."I could just kiss you Josh," Hank said, hugging his friend tightly."Well I could and will," Evan said and planted a thankful, but heated kiss right one the man's mouth."Damn girl porns 14 years Evan, twice in one day I get a hot kiss 18 year old schoolgirl from you," Josh said, just as several state police cruisers roar into the parking lot."Drop the gun," a state trooper yells and Josh drops his gun to the pavement, raising his hands into the air in 12 years sex galeries surrender.Several troopers grab Joshua and cuff him, while others surround Hank and Evan, taking statements while another one checks Dan for any signs young porno 12-16 years of life."He's still alive sir, I sex 16 year movies got a weak pulse," the officer said."What! Are you sure," Josh asked, while a trooper read him his rights. "I know my rights, and I have done nothing wrong. I save those two men from being gunned down," he added."His id says that he's a police officer with the South Burlington Police department Kyle," the officer said, reading Dan's ID."Get the captain of that department on the phone Mike," 10years old porn Kyle said and Mike pulled his cell from his pocket and began to dial. "And someone get that ambulance over here," he added.Evan explained the last three days to 14 years porn fuck Kyle, leaving out nothing. By the time that he was done, Kyle could hardly believe his ears. Mike handed him the phone and he talked fucking girl 12 year with George, looking over at Evan as he listened to George, occasionally nodding his head in agreement."I'm taking you into protective custody Evan, until someone from the police department porno teen 16 year arrives to take you back home to your home town," Kyle said."Why can't he stay in 15 years-old girl pussy my custody," Hank asked."Are you a relative sir?" he asked."Well no, but he's been with me the last two days," Hank said in his defense."I'm sorry sir, but he's to remain in protective custody until someone from the police department can arrive to take him home.""It's alright Hank, can we have a minute sir," Evan asked."I guess it'll be alright," he said and walked away to nudism 12-year pics let them have some privacy."I want to thank you Hank for all that you pedo 13 years have done for me," Evan said. "I would be dead now if'n it hadn't been for you," Evan 16-years girls said and hugged the man. "I love you Hank and my address back in South Burlington is 10 Woodside Drive," 10 year girls nudes he told him. "Please don't forget me babe...please," he said as the tears rolled down his face."I will 12 year cock sucking never forget you baby boy, because I have fallen in love with 14years old porn you," Hank said, his eyes glossing over also. "I'll look you up as soon as this shit is over," he promised.With Dan being sped away in the ambulance, and Evan in the back of a cruiser, Josh was finally released once witnesses corroborated his story. Evan was taken to State Police Headquarters in Albany, to await someone from South Burlington to come and get him. While in protective custody, 12 year nude girl and with a lawyer beside him, he gave a formal statement concerning the death of his father and Ethan as best as he knew it.Once the questioning was done, Kyle was convinced, as well as the lawyer, that Evan was telling the truth. "Then why am I being held here sir," Evan asked."It's to protect you young man. You are still a minor, and as a minor, it's our duty to see to your safety," Kyle said. "It 16 years fuck teens was bad enough that this detective raped and beat you, but if that were to happen now, while in our custody why that would mean my job.""He's right Evan, and it would mean my career also." Andrew, his appointed lawyer agreed. "As your attorney, it is my duty also to see that you are in a safe place where you will not be in danger.""Then why can't I be released into your custody?" he asked, surprising Andrew and Kyle with the question. "You're my lawyer?" he added."I don't see why not, I could call the captain of your local police station and see if he objects," Kyle asked."I can't Evan, you're a minor and it would not look right in the eyes of the law...sorry," Andrew said."You will be housed with me Evan, I have legal jurisdiction and I am licensed by the state of New York to foster children temporarily until 15 years porno sex the court settles such matters.""I guess that would be better than staying in juvenile lockup," Evan said, with both Kyle and Andrew nodding in agreement. "Ok sir, when do we leave?""As soon as I finish up with your statements here, and some other paper work, then we will be good to go."***While Kyle went off to finish up on his paper work, he gave Evan a cell phone so he could call Jamie, to let him know that he was all 14 years girl porn right."Hello," Jamie answered, he more questioned than answered, because he didn't recognize the New York number."It's me Jamie, Evan," he said. "I'm ok buddy but still in New York, how are you doing," he asked."I've been worried sick about you babe, are you sure that you are alright?" he asked, and Evan could hear the panic in the teen's voice."I'm fine and I'm at the state police headquarters in Albany, under what they call protective custody.""What about Dan, is he still out there looking for you?" he inquired."He's been shot and in the hospital under police guard. I just gave a statement to the police here and I am waiting for a cop to come get me from South Burlington," he told his friend."Can you trust this cop that is coming Evan, after all, we don't know if Dan was working alone or with a partner." Jamie said, raising doubts in Evan's mind. "You know that his partner on the force was Mitchell Johnson, and your dad never liked that man, you told me that yourself," Jamie reminded him."Oh fuck, I totally forgot about that Jamie. Thanks sweetie for reminding me about Mitch. When I hang up, I'll find Kyle and let him know about Mitch," Evan said. "So other than that sweetie, how are you really doing?"Jamie was quiet for a bit, a little to long for Evan, and he 15 year girls porno was quick to pick up on his friend's silence. "Ok bud, what gives?" he asked."What do you mean, nothing gives.""I know you all to well, and when you are quiet like this something is up, so what gives?""Ah...it happened Evan, dad and I, 16 years porn sex I mean," again the silence between them was deafening."What do you mean it happened... tell me?""Dad made love to me last night Evan," again silence."My dad and I did it also the night before young porn 14 years he was killed by Dan," Evan said, fighting back tears as he remembered that night with his dad."I'm so sorry babe, that you lost you dad. I'm sure that my dad will be willing to take you in," Jamie said."Sweetie, I gotta go, the officer is waiting for me, I'll call you later if I can," Evan said and they hung up."Are you 15 years old porno alright Evan, you look like you're about to cry?" Kyle asked."I'm fine sir...thanks," he said wiping away the tears."How about we get a bite to eat before we go home, I'm not exactly prepared for company," Kyle said, throwing his arm over Evan's little sexy 14 years shoulder as they walked from the station."I am very hungry sir," Evan admitted."Can we drop the sir thing teen pussy 16 years and just call me Kyle, after all, I'm just twenty-eight and not that much older than you," Kyle said."Sure Kyle, I like it better than sir, it's like you're my older brother or something," Evan told him, looking up at the very tall trooper.Kyle was six foot six and had jet black hair, and bright blue eyes. He had the classic roman features, chiseled chin, firm cheek bones and curly black hair that must have been a gift from the Gods. Even though he wore a trooper's uniform, his shirt did little to hide his well defined chest and muscled arms. And those pants, those pants only accented the fact that he was packing a cock, which would make any man envious. 13 years girls fucked When he turned to unlock his jeep, Evan eleven years girl nude got 14-15 year naked girls a good look at Kyle's ass, which filled out the fabric of his pants...fully."What? Is there something wrong?" sexy 14 years girls Kyle asked, looking about himself, noticing that Evan was checking Hot 11 year old him out. "Damn, the kid is checking out my body," Kyle said, the thought caused his cock to chub, so he hurried into the driver's seat."Nothing's wrong Kyle, just noticing how cool you look in your uniform. I wish my dad's uniform..." he stopped talking when the thought of his dad made him want to cry."I know that this may not help now Evan, but time will mend the photos girls 13 years pain that you are feeling over your dad's death," Kyle said, resting his hand on the boy's leg, giving it a slight squeeze before removing it."Why Officer Kyle, you're gay," Evan thought, and he looked at the young officer in a different light as they drove away.***"How is he doc," Mike, the officer assigned to guard Dan, asked."He was one lucky man," he said. "The bullets missed his vital organs completely, two clean shots. He should be good to go tomorrow morning. girl 14 years fuck I want 17 years porn galleries to keep him overnight for observation," the doctor added."Well I'll need a list of all those assigned to enter his room," Mike said. "You know, strictly for security reasons," he added."Of course and I'll get them to you immediately," the doctor said, leaving Mike alone at the door.Mike looked into the room through the window in the door, and saw Dan's arm handcuffed to the railing of the bed. Dan's eyes gave him a piercing look, so intent that they made Mike's skin crawl."That 14 year nude teens man is pure evil," Mike said, sitting back down in his chair."Here you fotos 14 years sex go 16 years old pussy officer, here is the list that you requested," a cute nurse said, handing Mike the requested list."Thanks miss," Mike said, all smiles and the nurse smiled warmly back at the officer before she turned and went about her rounds.Mike settled back with a good book, secure that no one was going into the room, unless their name was on the list. It seem that all that came and went into check on Dan, was the cute nurse and an occasional doctor.Along about ten, the cleaning crew came on and began to clean the hall and rooms. When they got to the room that Dan was in, Mike stopped them from entering."Wait right there man," Mike ordered, the man in the white cleaning uniform. "I don't see anything on my list about someone cleaning this room," he said."I clean this room and all the others every night," he said. "Just ask that nurse," he said, pointing over to a nurse that was making rounds, handing out meds."You wait right there and don't move," Mike said, walking over towards the nurse.He had one eye on the man, as he spoke to the nurse about the man. She glanced over and shrugged her shoulders, 16 years girls nude before going about her business."If it makes it easier for you officer, you can stay with me while I clean the room," the man said."What is your name," Mike asked."Mitchell, but my friends just call me Mitch," he said.Mike unlocked the door and allowed Mitch in, following close behind him. As soon as the door closed, Mitch reached into his cleaning cart and pulled out 14-years olds nude pictures his gun. It had a silencer attached to it and when he turned to Mike, he fired three times, dropping the officer to the floor."Mitch, I knew that I could count on you," Dan said as Mitch hurried over to the bed."I came as soon as I heard about you, damn it Dan, you sure got yourself into a mess this time," Mitch said."I guess we did Mitch, did you bring me my clothes?""Yeah, and let's hurry before someone comes in," Mitch said.Dan slowly dressed; the pain of his wounds still greatly bothered him. Mitch stuck his head 13 years old xxx out of the door, it was clear, so they hurried out and over to the elevators. Downstairs, they briskly walked across the lobby and out the front door, to where Mitch's car was parked. Once inside the car, they sped away before coming up with a plan to find Evan.***"Well this is home sweet home Evan," Jim said once they arrived at his apartment."This is a rather nice apartment, small but nice," Evan said looking around the one bedroom apartment. "So where do I sleep," he asked, noticing that there was just one bedroom."I'll take the sofa and you can have the bed," Jim offered."I don't mind sharing Jim, if you don't mind," Evan suggested."I don't mind, but all that free porn 10-16 years I have is a double bed, so there won't be much room kiddo.""I'm 16 year old hentai a snuggle bug, or so my dad says. He would let me sleep with him when I was a little kid and I would always snuggle Naked 13 year olds close.""Oh great, just what I need, to get caught with a minor in my bed snuggled up to me," Jim mused."Why, is there going to be a raid on your apartment or something?" Evan asked."No, but I know that you are sixteen and a minor Evan.""And you plan on having sex with me..." Evan asked, letting the statement drop."That is not what I meant, now let's change the subject and watch some TV before bed," he said. "I have some DVD's in that cabinet, 14 years girl pussy find something you like while I grab a shower," he said, and masturbating 14 years went into his bedroom.Evan got down on the floor and began to rummage through Jim's DVD collection, and then noticed a box in the back. He pulled out the box and found Jim's special DVD's in it. petite teen 16 years Grabbing one called Young Boner 2; he popped the DVD into the player. He sat back against the sofa and watched, as two young boys began kissing. Soon these same two boys 13 year old vagina were naked and the dark haired one was fucking the blond hair kid."Did you find a..." Jim asked and stopped dead when he saw what Evan was watching."Yeah man, I found your special stash of DVD's Jim," Evan said, looking up at the towel clad cop and patting the sofa behind him. "Have a seat," he said."Ah...I don't think we or rather you should be watching this," Jim said reaching for the remote.Evan reached up and grabbed the towel, pulling it off and revealing Jim's nakedness."Damn Jim, you are really hung," Evan said, moving to his knees and quickly enveloping Jim's cock with his mouth."Oh God no Evan... we can't be doing this," Jim said, trying to push away the horny teen.Evan's hands gripped tightly to Jim's ass, holding the cop firmly, while he sucked his cock. Evident that Evan was not going to surrender Jim's cock, Jim gave in and enjoyed the attention that Evan was giving him."Damn Evan, you sure no how to suck cock," Jim said, gently holding the boy's head in his hands, gliding his cock in and out of the teen's mouth. "How about we move to the bed, where we can be more comfortable?" he suggested.Evan got up and followed Jim into the bedroom, his eyes glued to the ass of the handsome cop. Jim stripped down the teen as soon as he had him in his bedroom. Naked and hard, Jim knelt down and engulfed Evan's cock, sucking it down his throat, while his hands fondled the boy's balls."Mmmmm, you suck cock pretty good yourself Jim," Evan said, spreading his legs when Jim's finger found his teen ten years nude girl pucker. "I sex pussy 12 years take it that you want to fuck me," Evan said as Jim's finger entered his sweet treasure. "Oh yeah go for it man," Evan crooned as Jim fucked his ass with his finger, adding a second finger when he had the teen worked up.He turned Evan around and pushed him down to the bed. Jim lowered his face down to Evan's ass, burying his tongue deep into his pucker."Oh fuck yeah... fuck that teen pussy man," Evan crowed while Jim ate his young ass.Once he had the boy ready for entry, he stood up, aimed his nine inch cock at his pussy and shoved it slowly into the teen's ass."Fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah," Evan yelled in extreme ecstasy, fully impaled on Jim's massive weapon."Am I hurting you Evan?" Jim asked."Fuck no... now fuck me handsome," Evan said, thrusting up to get all of Jim's cock in his ass.Jim pulled out and then slammed his cock in, doing this several times, before finding a rhythm to fuck the teen by. Never before has anyone been able to handle his cock like Evan, and Jim wanted this to last as long as he could, because heaven only knew when he would get a fuck like this again."Damn Evan your ass was made for my cock," Jim said pounding his ass like a stallion in heat."Your cock feels like its coming out my throat man," 17 years sex Evan said thrusting back whenever Jim thrusted downward. "Fuck me man... harder... deeper... make my cock cum," Evan ordered.That was all Jim needed to hear and increased his rhythm more. He would bring them both to the edge of their climax and then stop, causing Evan virgin teens 14 years to moan out angrily."Man don't stop... I wanna cum dude," Evan shouted, thrusting upwards to make Jim fuck him again.Once Jim felt his climax back off, he resumed his rhythm and slammed Evan's ass for all that he was worth. He rode Evan's ass even though he wanted to wait, his climax did not want to hold back."Fuck... 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This had the teen turned on, and he began to jerk his cock as Jim ate him."Oh fuck... fuuuuuuuck I'm cumming again," he shouted.Jim hurriedly turned him over, swallowed his cock just in time to catch his cum as it shot from his cock."Mmmmm," Jim moaned, as he swallowed each drop of sperm that Evan shot into his mouth."Damn Jim that was really hot man... I loved the way that you ate your cum from my ass," Evan said."I think we both need a shower," Jim said, helping the teen up and leading him to the bathroom.***As the warm water cascaded down over the two lovers, they kissed, unaware that the phone was ringing. It was the state police office calling, telling them that Mitchell was on the way over to pick up Evan to take him back to South Burlington. Instead, the two lovers were to busy making love again, to busy to hear that their lives were about to change.Outside 23 year old brunette Jim's apartment, Dan waits in the car while 13 year old ass Mitch walks up the stairs to Jim's apartment. He releases the safety on his gun just in case he needs to use it. Ringing the doorbell, he places the gun in the top of his pants and waits. When he gets no answer, he tries the door, it opens and he walks in with his drawn gun in hand. Hearing voices coming from the bathroom, Mitch porn teen 14 years carefully and quietly walks towards where 15 years japan porn they 14 year girls porno are coming from, his gun leading the way. He steps just before the non nude 12-16 years doorway to the bedroom, the floor squeaks, he pauses before moving on. At the door to the bathroom, he listens and then raises his leg, foot ready and kicks 12 years old blowjobs the door open...BAM! BAM! BAM!To be continued:Sorry guys, I just had to. Let me know how you like it at randyhoward2yahoo.com and even if you don't. Randy
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